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Yvette - Freeman 23

4th November, 2018

YVETTE - 2 BERTH  (poss 4)- A Freeman 23'  - will be ready for next season!

Yes, we've changed her name yet again! She is coming along nicely. Has a lovely pale blue hull now, and is currently being completely stripped out. New windows being fitted as we speak (type) and calculations to fit new cooker and loo / shower being worked out. Keep you posted......

UPDATE: Yvette now has a new engine! Decided the standard Freeman petrol engine wasn't the way to go, including safety reasons, so we have purchased a Nanni diesel 20hp 3 cylinder which will be fitted shortly. A new cooker is in place and also a new electrical loo and basin with shower attachment.New canopy on order too! Watch this space.....