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Benson Ferries



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                                                                                                          THERE ARE 2 BENSON FERRIES !


The Benson Waterfront to Benson Lock Ferry


This ferry carries foot passengers across the River Thames from the slipway near the Waterfront Cafe, across to the lock cutting at Benson Lock. 

We set the service up as the foot bridge across the weir at Benson Lock was damaged, and could well take 3 years to get it back into service! We knew how important the bridge was to Thames Path walkers, local residents and holidaymakers alike, to be able to walk down to Wallingford and beyond - and similarly, people coming from the other way, so the Ferry was put in operation.

The trip takes roughly 4 minutes, but allowing for people getting on and off and fares being taken - can take 10 minutes. 

The Ferry goes back and forth across the river, between the hours of 9:30 am and 5:00 pm. These hours will change depending on the time of year as you can imagine!

We can only take up to 10 people at a time due to regulations, so please be patient if the wait is a bit longer than normal.

Prices are: £2.00 single trip

                  £3.00 return trip

Children under the age of 3 are free - over 3 and up to 16: Half price

We also do a 'loyalty card' which is for individuals or couples: Cost is £12.00 for 10 trips

Dogs are welcome - and travel free.

The Ferry is manned by Volunteers! A great group of people, whose community spirit is 2nd to none - ensuring the Ferry runs, no matter the weather.

We will keep the Ferry going as long as we can, hopefully the late autumn / early winter months, but when the weather is too bad, river in flood or minimal passengers, we will have to reconsider things. Obviously we will let you all know as soon as possible if that happens, so keep an eye on this site or Facebook.


The Benson Waterfront to Days Lock Ferry

This ferry will take passengers on trips up to Days Lock and back, with stop offs inbetween.

The trip up the Thames will be a lovely, tranquil way to spend a couple of hours. Keeping your eyes open for wildlife (you may see a kingfisher - but not guaranteed!) and taking in the beautiful scenery.

This Ferry takes you up to Days Lock - approximately a 2 hour round trip.

You can stop off at Shillingford or Dorchester, and be collected on the way back - or have a one-way ticket.

Again we can only take 10 people maximum per trip due to regulations. But we are hoping to do 2 trips a day, come next spring/summer

Prices will be:

Benson to Shillingford - Single £3.00 Return £5.00

Benson to Dorchester - Single £7.00 Return £12.00

Benson to Days Lock - Single £8.00 Return £15.00

Roll on the spring!