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Here we highlight the basics.
Our flagship boat, Bernadette ll, and indeed the other boats that will be joining the fleet, are all Classic wooden motor cruisers, varying in manufacture from 1952 – 1965.

As such, they cannot be directly compared with modern motorboats and, although certainly not difficult to handle, they do need to be driven by someone with some experience.

We will spend time with you prior to you setting off on you holiday on the Thames, to ensure you are happy, and every care has been taken to make your break pleasurable and relaxing.

As stated previously, we do treat your holiday exactly as we would wish ours to be, and hopefully nothing has been forgotten! Let us know if we have!!

We will send you off with enough fuel to reach the next fuelling point - 5 miles from Harleyford in either direction. Unfortunately Harleyford does not have a fuelling point. There are various places along the Thames to refuel as necessary- see the onboard  copy of the River Thames book.

There is also a full bottle of gas supplied, alongside the working bottle.

The Holding Tank will be empty and cleansed, and the water tanks full of fresh water. We do however suggest that you do take some bottled water with you as welI.

Please take particular note of the way electricity works on a boat! It should ensure the batteries are always fully charged for your needs.

Jeff has designed a chart which informs you where everything is, and how it works, but we are obviously on the end of the phone for any questions.

We will have asked you for a ‘security deposit’ of £500 (in cash). This will be returned to you on the return of your boat in the same condition it went out in!

We love animals – particularly dogs, but believe they have their place – and that isn’t on the beds or lounge seating. Sorry!

Happy Bygone Boating