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Bygone Boating is a failry new company to Boating Holidays.

Well, we are now in our second season and things seem to be going very well ! :)

We are small at the moment, and will never be too large to not give a personal service, but we will be adding new craft as they get restored. See ‘Our Boats’.

In the meantime, small is:

  • Personal
  • Friendly
  • Individual

Our philosophy: 

  • To always try and go that extra mile.
  • Treat our guests holiday as if it were our own.
  • Fit our boats out to be as comfortable and as functional as possible

We always welcome your feedback – Facebook best option - or email us.

 We love wooden boats. We love our wooden boats and we hope you do too! Although our Freeman does have a fibre glass hull, she still has lots of wood!

We do all the work on them ourselves - though admittedly Jeff definitely does the bulk of the work - but I help as much as I can.

I work on sanding, varnishing, painting, sustenance, marketing, admin, accounts, buying, customer service, cleaning plus ...

Jeff works on carpentry, mechanics, electrics, plumbing, big painting jobs, big sanding jobs, working out where things are going to go and how they will work, drinking tea plus......

Sue :)




Did you Know?


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